• Have you ever been misunderstood when you try to communicate something to your partner?
  • Are there things you would like to talk about that you just don’t know how to bring up without it leading to conflict?
  • How in the world do you talk about the hard subjects without starting another fight?
  • How do you create a safe environment for open discussion?
  • How do you listen in an understanding and caring way?
  • How do you encourage those heart-to-heart conversations that are so key to really understanding your partner?
  • Ever feel like it is just not worth the effort?

“Very tangible skills and tools to get started having real conversation about touchy subjects.”

CommunicationStarting out, we talk for hours and everything we hear is somehow interesting. Over time something changes and we somehow disconnect from healthy communication.

Communication is huge! We are communicating all the time in our relationships. Often verbally, almost always non verbally. We even communicate with our attitudes that are often revealed in gesture and posture.

The skill of being able to communicate what is important to you in a safe and respectful way is the core of our communication skills. Learning to listen with respect and really understand the importance of the person and their perspective is a significant factor in creating a relational environment where effective and caring communication occurs,

How do you talk about sex, money challenges, or dealing with extended family in a way that? Effective communication at its core keeps in mind the goal of caring about not only ourselves but our partner as well. Isn’t that why you got together?

Effective communication is a skill – not unlike learning a nonnative language. With language, it is not enough to know facts but to effectively practice so that the communication becomes a natural part of your life.

Just like learning a new language the first efforts can seem very unnatural, clunky or even a bit humiliating. This discomfort can lead us to quit trying for fear of being laughed at or rejected. Ever try to order food on an international vacation? Ever laugh at someone from another country trying to learn English? Get the idea? Learning effective communication is doing the hard work of developing a relational muscle memory that helps you care about each other and communicate what is important to you without all the drama.

We would love the opportunity to introduce you to some basics of effective communication. The skill will grow as you use it. We promise.