Is Glü for You?


Is Glü for You?


It depends on what you want. What is your preferred future as it relates to your relationship? This may be the most important question you consider. In the current cultural ethos of disposable and temporary relationship, making it stick, is not a very common occurrence. What do you want?

Are you content with having a roommate with “benefits”? Someone to help pay the bills? An easy, convenient, 3 simple steps answer to life’s big questions? (You would probably be better served picking up a copy of Cosmo.)

It will also depend a great deal on what you’re willing to invest. Ancient wisdom tells us, You will reap what you sow. Every time. No exceptions. This is especially in long term relationships.

Please be assured, there are really only three possible outcomes for your relationship.

1. It could end.
2. You could stay together and be unhappy.
3. Maybe, with a little effort and a clear plan, you could actually stay together and be happy.

Maybe you are wanting something more. Perhaps you are holding out hope to experience a relationship that adds meaning, focus and purpose to your life. And that relationship is something you care enough about to put in a little effort.
Your marriage is one of the most important and potentially satisfying relationships you will ever experience.

If you are willing to start a journey of understanding and caring involvement, the kind of stuff that makes it stick, we can most probably help. We don’t promise easy, but we do promise hope.

Could Glü be for you?

Tragic and heartbreaking endings, desperation to find a partner, a staggering divorce rate. Staying together and miserable hardly seems like the answer. This relationship stuff is clearly not easy, but is it worth it? Is it possible to build a life of growing understanding, joy and long term affection?

Any long term relationship can benefit greatly from the understanding and practice of relational skills. It doesn’t matter whether you and your partner are engaged or cohabiting, are newlyweds or have been married for years. If you’re in a committed relationship, Glü may just give you the skills you need for long term success.

This is not crisis relationship counseling; this is “avoid a crisis in your relationship” personal coaching.

Our children are regularly asked about their parents. They mention we are still together after 33 years. Almost universally they are met with a variety of skeptical comments: “ they must be miserable” or “ they can’t still like each other.” I hope our adult kids find some sense of hope for their own future, when they can confidently reply, “No, they really like each other”.

“I would highly recommend this material to anyone.”