We have a variety of opportunities to help Loveland area couples invest in a healthier and more satisfying relationship. You can check out more information on the individual pages. Following are the cliff notes:

Successful Relationship Overview

We sponsor occasional open gatherings here in beautiful downtown Loveland for couples to check out who we are and if there is interest in exploring further the ideas and skills we talk about. It will give you a chance to see if we are just a couple of dorks or may have something to offer you. Either way, the refreshments are on us.
Most couples leave that time with a few answers, a few more questions, and a little bit more hope. These overviews are designed to be informal and informational. A time to sit, observe, consider and perhaps catch a bit of motivation.
Keep an eye on the web site calendar, Facebook page or drop us an email or text to sign up for notices of upcoming opportunities.

Cost: FREE
Value: Priceless

“I heartily recommend them as a resource for anyone looking for classes, seminars or counseling on marriage.”

Group Discussion and Workshops

We also offer group format discussions regarding some of the key elements of relational health.
These are made up of random folks who are ready to make the commitment. Kind of a cool experience to meet new people and still connect with each other as a couple.
These groups create an atmosphere where our stuff is revealed to be pretty normal and there is time to put some skills into practice. These groups often result in a much greater sense of understanding among couples and often some great new friendship are formed.
These groups usually run 6-8 weeks and use the Prepare-Enrich assessment as a foundation piece. You can check them out using the link in the Partner’s section.

Cost: $35 for Prepare-Enrich Assessment

“A little uncomfortable at times, a bit challenging. Definitely. But well worth it!”

Pre-marriage and Individual Relationship Coaching

We make extensive use of Prepare-Enrich, the number one relationship assessment tool in the world. It is an accurate and very helpful snapshot of the status of your relationship and measures a variety of factors that will help couples grow in critical areas of relationship. We also make extensive use of the material produced by Relationship Press. This process usually involves about 4-6 weeks of meeting together with us a couple and then some homework for you to complete on your own. This format also involves a chance to ask more specific questions and get more personal help.

Cost: $35 for Prepare-Enrich Survey



SealDR175At the core of our material is a desire help couples understand the incredibly important element of understanding and caring for each other. John Gottman, a widely respected marriage expert, describes a critical element of relational stability as the Positive Sentiment Override or PSO. This reflects the idea that as we build a positive sentiment toward each, we process the challenges and conflicts that arise in our relationships with a much more tolerant and caring response toward one another. We equip couples to build their PSO by employing an understanding of our basic human relational needs and the deep relational desires of every human. Yes, guys too. Ever ask, “why do they do that?”.  Believe it or not, there is probably a pretty good reason. It can be very enlightening to grow in your understanding of what shapes and motivates your partner. In the context of building a PSO, we also help couples understand the keys to genuine conflict resolution, effective communication and practical problem solving.